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It’s time for your branding to match the level

of success you have created for your business.

💡 Q1 Applications Close December 31st 💡 Q1 Applications Close December 31st💡 Q1 Applications Close December 31st 💡 Q1 Applications Close December 31st💡 Q1 Applications Close December 31st

Business is growing rapidly, but you’re realizing your DIY’d branding is holding you back from reaching that next level growth.

{re} BRAND

✔ Clarity to do the work

✔ Motivation to show up and show out

✔ Confidence to attract and sell

You desire professionally designed branding that you love, are super proud of and can’t wait to share with everyone. One that you always envisioned having when you first started your business.

Let’s finally make it your reality!

the reality is

Customers desire and expect positive interactions, consistent experiences, and a professional look from their favorite brands.

That’s why I started Workday Creative —

to guide your brand journey from strategy to design and implementation, offering an unparalleled partnership for businesses seeking not just a service provider, but a dedicated ally to help you

  • Sell faster with branding that grabs the attention of your ideal client and communicates your value

  • Gain the trust of your audience quicker with a professionally designed visual identity suite

  • Be seen as the clear choice with creatives that stand out from your competitors

  • Remain top of mind with a strategic brand experience that drives sustainable connections

“Marissa is a visionary! Her body of work really captures the essences of the businesses she partners with. This woman does it all--branding, strategizing, content creating, uplifting black/POC, and women-owned businesses, all while raising two young kids. She has been shooting her shot and BABBEEEE she’s dripping!.”

Sasbrina Gay, 2023 Client

“AMAZING! I’M FLOORED! Thank you so much. It’s all so incredible and I can’t wait to continue the journey! I’m so grateful for you! You have made this process a breeze. And beyond anything I could’ve imagined!! You’re the best!”

Sasha Souder, 2023 Client

“Marissa, just got back from Alabama and wanted to send a direct thank you to you for the beautiful design work that you did for our strategy session. There was a group of really powerful people in attendance and all of them remarked on how great the presentation looked. Beyond just looking great, you really were able to communicate the power of the movement and I appreciate you for it.”

Vanessa Garrison, 2023 Client

Your time is way too valuable

to keep trying to piece together what YOUR brand should look like

👎🏾 with basic templates that fail to distinguish you from everyone else

🙅🏾‍♀️ with graphics that question the legitimacy of what you offer

🙈 with no strategy and inconsistent vibes that confuse and lose your audience

😩 wasting hours scouring Pinterest, just to look like everyone else and not result in conversions

Brand Design Services


Lock in 2023 Services and Pricing for 2024

(Offer only available 11/24/23 - 12/31/23)







2-4 Weeks


Brand Audit

Refined Brand Mission, Vision, Ideal Client, Core Values

Competitor Analysis and Brand Positioning

Comprehensive Brand

Strategy Document


2-4 Weeks


1:1 Strategy Call

Design and develop brand ​identity: 1 Main Logo, 1 Logo ​Variation, 1 Submark, 1 Brand ​Mark, 1 Combination Mark

Moodboard, color palette,​ font curation, and design asset ​s​uite

Single Page Brand Guide​l​ines

Mockups of Merch and Si​gnage


4-6 Weeks


Everything in Mini PLUS

Up to 4 additional Logo Variations, Up to 6 Brand Icons/Design Assets and a Custom Pattern

Brand Messaging/Taglines

Mockups of print, digital, social, merch, and signage

Multi Page Brand Guidelines


I’m Marissa

Your Brand Designer, Strategist, and Creative Partner!

A self-proclaimed Bonafide Hype-​Woman with 12+ years experience ​building brands!

Since starting Workday Creative LLC in ​2021, I’ve made it my mission to help ​Women of Influence and Women-Led ​small businesses within the product and ​service industries build their brands and ​transform how they work, how they ​engage, and how they bring value to ​their audiences.

I'm a Modern Renaissance Woman, and I ​can bet you are too!


So, is it time for your {re} Brand with us?

💡 Here's what your current branding should be doing:

  • Creating a distinctive and memorable experience for your customers.
  • Building a relationship with your target audience through recognition, familiarity, and trust.
  • Elevating your professionalism, raising your credibility and perceived value in the market.
  • Gets your ideal clients to say, “Yeah, this is for me. I’m in the right place."

💯 We're a great fit for you if you:

  • Resonate with my design style. We tailor our designs for all but color & fun is our thang!
  • Launching something new. Perfect time to collab with a brand designer to help you stand out and reach your audiences.
  • Have outgrown your current brand. Let's have it reflect your current goals!

❌ And what it definitely should not be doing:

  • Failing to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Has you feeling limited or stuck on how you show up for your community.
  • Not helping you to attract the right people and grow your business.
  • Causing people to question your skills and authority.

🫤 We won't be the best fit for you if you:

  • Just need a logo or social media content. Everything I create is backed by a solid visual identity and brand strategy.
  • Are in a time crunch. I would never want to sacrifice the quality of work.
  • Have a limited budget. Our brand projects begin at $3,000.


I only offer a select number of projects each year. This ensures you receive a

high level of personal attention and ongoing dedication to your success.

Your Investment:

Strategy | $3K

Design | $3K - $5K

20% deposit reserves at time of booking.

Remaining balance due one day prior to your project start date.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to hand off the creative

Your time is better spent in other areas of your business and you’d rather invest in someone with industry experience

You want GREAT LOOKING design

You want to start showing up consistently, creating a brand experiences that unifies everything together

You want to bring in more sales

You want to start attracting raving fans and build a community of loyal customers faster


You want your branding to start doing the heavy lifting so that you can get on to the rest of your to-do list

Our Creative





Strategy Development




Design & Build





Project Delivery

THE-DIY-LIFE might have gotten you started,

But there’s a time for maturity and growth

You are a new or established business owner

✅ You have identified your 2024 business goals

✅ You have established your offer, product and/or services

✅ You are financially ready to invest in your brand, now

✅ You understand the value of great design and what it could do for your business

✅ Ready to put in the necessary work to developing & implementing your new brand


master your

brand w/ 1:1 brand strategy support

Show up as the industry leader that you are and start connecting authentically with your audience.

energize your

bUSINESS w/ a custom brand design

Step into your spotlight & captivate an audience of raving fans & loyal customers you always knew you were

capable of attracting.

organically grow your impact and Roi

It's time that you feel excited to show up for your community IRL and online with clarity and confidence.

Have Questions? Shoot me an email at

A Personal Message to all Woman-Led

Personal Brand, Product-Based and Service-Based Businesses.

IDK who needs to hear this but, stop playing it basic and safe.

Great brands aren’t created there.

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